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What’s up with Vinay & Rashmi

Updated: Jun 13, 2020


Welcome to OUR BLOG

"We have put Peace and Happiness above all, and it has been the guiding principle in life."

Meet the Hyderabad city-based couple Vinay Rathi and Rashmi Rathi who not only take ideas from their immediate surroundings but also globally to reach their clients' expectations.

Architects enhance the interiors for a healthier and aesthetical environment. They apply art and science in their research, plan and even consider the client's requirements to reach their expectations make pleasant surroundings. Being in such a multifaceted profession, the architects capture the client's information and develop it into a beautiful place to reside and work. One such architect couple who understand the fundamentals of design and the technical development in varied areas are Vinay Rathi and Rashmi Rathi.

The Hyderabad-based couple, Vinay and Rashmi, both are innovative, highly ambitious, willing to accept challenges and can maximize design and brand awareness. The duo pushes their limits by experimenting with cutting edge design concepts, and say, "The main objective of every design has been to make every space beautiful, usable and accessible to every individual."

The architectural graduates Vinay and Rashmi did their graduation from Nagpur University and Pune University respectively.

Vinay was the best outgoing student and even bagged the gold medal. The pair who always wanted to start up their designing firm initiated their work in 2001 after designing their Uncle's residence. Gradually, they moved on to establish their office from a small space to a now owned wide space in Banjara Hills. With absolutely no family background in the field of architecture, it was a bold step for them to start on their own. However, the journey did witness a lot of hurdles, but with strong will power and a determination to achieve their goal, the couple paved the path to success.

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