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Creating Happening Spaces



 2000sft Restaurant




August 2016

Design is the science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. As an interior designer, we plan, researches, coordinates, and manages projects.

Jalpaan is a restaurant that has been designed to raise the bar for authentic Indian cuisine eateries. The concept was to convey with the interior, the fresh and traditional essence that the menu was going to offer. We have reflected our ideas in the spaces through spatial planning, light, and materials. Space creates moods for every occasion which is achieved through ambient lighting and the color schemes adopted.

Concrete as a surface is usually applied in spaces to bring out a raw appeal, Wood as the material works well with simple and straight craftsmanship, and Saffron as a color symbolizes Indian culture and traditions. We at VAR, have combined the three elements to give the onlooker a complete package of what we call “Indian Modern”.

The texture on the walls gives a contemporary feel to the building. As you enter the reception, it features a vibrant background with a brass table, where glass is used to provide transparency to the viewer.

The food and chaat area is highlighted with its 30 metal hanging lights. The rest of the three-storied structure houses the restaurant on the first floor and the banquet hall on the second floor. The restaurant is illuminated by a metallic hammered brass hanging lighting fixtures that have been specially curated and prototyped to blend with its surroundings at the same time act as an element of sculpture in the ceiling with variations of heights creating a sense of drama in the space.

We at VINAY AND RASHMI ( VAR ) as designers have taken the responsibility to enhance movement or create separate spaces with incredible ease.  The use of consistent colors and textures to tie up various areas within a space helps give you fluidity. To create this sense of space and freedom, decor needs to be used intelligently. Colour plays a huge role when it comes to encouraging movement, neutral shades always connect spaces while more vibrant hues tend to break them apart. When trying to create a fluid space, look at pastel shades and neutral colors for a sense of harmony. Colour has the ability to transform a space as nothing else can.

At VAR we pushed the ideas of restaurant interiors to a more experiential level. We take pride in Jalpaan because it’s a place where the user experience has been the prima facia for our design concept.

Creating happy Spaces ...

Positive Architecture & Interior Designing by VINAYANDRASHMI

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