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11+ Inspiring Home Decor Trends to Try in 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted many industries, and the home space is no exception. As many people spent more time indoors throughout 2020, not only were they craving more comfort — but they were also forced to reimagine their spaces to meet the demands of their new lifestyle.

Whether that called for creating a functional home office, designing a living room for Zoom and remote learning, or pinpointing a smart pantry organizing solution, just about every area of a home likely required a refresh.

With this in mind, we couldn't help but to check in with a selection of top design experts to find out the top home decor trends for 2022.

1. Livable Luxury

We think 2022 is going to be all about livable luxury, and versatility in design. So many people have had to transition over the past year, that they are rethinking less-used spaces and embracing furniture concepts that play double duty. Next year will be all about durable fabrics, comfortable upholstery, and furniture pieces that are versatile and chic.

2. Illuminating

The Pantone Color of the Year reflects what is taking place in our global culture, expressing what people are looking for that color can hope to answer. As society continues to recognize color as a critical form of communication, and a way to symbolize thoughts and ideas, many designers and brands are embracing the language of color to engage and connect.

3. Indoor Plants

Indoor trees and plants are going to continue their ascent into home design mainstay. They freshen indoor air, bring the clarity and calm of nature indoors, act like sculpture on a shelf or table top, and caring for them is grounding and life affirming. Developing a collection of interior plants wins on all levels: Aesthetic, functional and mental.

4. Decorative Smart Lighting

As we head into the new year, people will look for ways to make their home a comfortable and functional living space. For instance, swapping out regular incandescent bulbs for smart lighting options allow you to set schedules and create an ambience to fit your needs – whether that’s Zoom school, cooking prep for a family gathering, or just relaxing in the living room.

5. Durable Fabrics

Fabrics that are durable, wear well, and can be washed multiple times (linens and slipcovers, for instance) will be more important as we spend more time at home for work and learning.

6. Multipurpose Spaces

We all made our living spaces work for us last year, and many of our rooms served multiple purposes. We added workspaces to our living rooms, classrooms into our kitchens, and gyms to our bedrooms. This year, people will be finding ways to reimagine their homes and incorporate pieces that help restore balance to our multi-functional spaces.

7. Earthy Palettes and Textures

We'll see lots of earthy palettes and textures in 2022. Think the continuation of plaster and travertines, lots of rattan, camels in lieu of gray, and deep, neutralized hues like olive green and burnt orange.

8. More Seating Areas

We think people want a living room that is comfortable, approachable, usable, and functional. With people spending more quality time at home, adding a games table, a multipurpose library table, and a few seating areas for reading and relaxing will allow the family to still be together in the same room no matter what activities they’re pursuing.

9. Style Accessories

“For living rooms, we are seeing plush, comfortable seating, rich tones, and layered styling,” Rashmi, who with her husband, Vinay , are principals at the VINAY AND RASHMI. “Thanks to Zoom backgrounds, accessorizing and styling are finally getting the credit they deserve. We see accessorizing becoming bolder, more artful, and more personal in 2022.”

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