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Creating Livable Spaces

City View Home


4000sft Apartment




April 2019

The planning of space forms the key to achieve great interiors. And so the requirements of the client were taken care of right from the initial stages.


Our client wanted a glamorous yet contemporary look, so the use warm colors to combine each piece of furniture with space. The challenge was to integrate both the flats ( side by side ) into a seamless single space, keeping the privacy intact and making the flat look like an independent house with the beautiful city view. So were connected via bridges that had a courtyard with Landscape and Puja - which forms the bases for planning.


One face of the house opened up to the entire city view. To achieve this all the walls were knocked off and glass was used extensively which formed the backdrop for the dining and living area.


Usage of natural stone in the flooring and backdrops for the bed to help achieve the warmth. The greens in the courtyard break the monotony of the browns used in the interiors. 


The importance of time is always taken into considerations in our projects at VinayAndRashmi – 84 working days from making walls to finishing each corner for this project. Finished in Style.


Creating happy Spaces ...

Positive Architecture & Interior Designing by VINAYANDRASHMI

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