Creating Vibrant Spaces




6000sft Showroom


Banjara Hills


April 2018

Meubles - which means furniture in French, forays into Hyderabad to mesmerize the connoisseurs of style and comfort in the city. These elegant and stunning pieces sourced from some of the finest designers across the globe are displayed in a 6000 sft. gallery.

Meubles stocks a wide range of handpicked products made of wood, leather, and the finest of other material. The variety includes Root and Resin furniture, Bar cabinets and accessories, Accent Furniture, Indoor water fountains, 5D photo frames, Metal wall decors, Green walls, Designer lights, and Artifacts. Most pieces at Meubles are exclusive and no other gallery in the country can boast of such collection. Each of the pieces can transform the very look of the home or office and enhance the overall aesthetics and appeal of the space, it's a must-visit store for every person with a taste and dream for his home.

The Partners in Showroom have taken special care at every stage to source products which are superior in quality and have that innovative touch, the collection at Meubles will surely win the hearts of those who want their dwelling and workspaces, resonate tranquillity and bliss, says Rashmi Rathi

The collection at Meubles is simply mind-blowing and has a variety to aptly fit even your wildest dream. The range includes the natural textured piece of art which unfolds into a bar - 'Hydraulic Bar Cabinet', an engineering marvel that brings in style and eases to bars at home. The mind-boggling 'Root Furniture' collection specially curated with different wood patterns sourced from the jungles across Asia, finely sculpted by traditional artisans stimulated by native culture, with colors inspired by wild Houses.


Indoor water fountains for homes and offices, which create a soothing, tranquil ambiance and make the space elegant. The stylish and trendy Resin Furniture made from a combination of wood and the transparent resin stimulates the senses and creates an aura in the space. The 3D Wall Frames emphasize the individuality and are curated to bring embellishment of personal touch. Metal wall decors leave a style statement on the wall they adorn. Accent Furniture is known for extra comfort and decor, also serves as a great way to add a new silhouette, style reference, or color to the room.

We at VINAY AND RASHMI as designers have taken the responsibility to enhance movement or create separate spaces with incredible ease. The use of consistent colors and textures to tie up various areas within a space helps give you fluidity. To create this sense of space and freedom, decor needs to be used intelligently. Colour plays a huge role when it comes to encouraging movement, neutral shades always connect spaces while more vibrant hues tend to break them apart. When trying to create a fluid space, look at pastel shades and neutral colors for a sense of harmony. Colour has the ability to transform a space as nothing else can.


We have hand-picked furniture and artifacts collection which integrates the vibrant essence in our interiors while weaving in a medley of luxury, functionality, and art in this project.

Creating happy Spaces ...

Positive Architecture & Interior Designing by VINAYANDRASHMI