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The Winning Team - Ar. Rashmi Rathi

"Each project has its unique issues about the site, clients' requirements, program, climate, topography, and regional context. In our organization, the projects undergo a process of extensive research, and a theoretical base is established to deal with design issues. As free, open-minded architects we take ideas not only from our immediate surroundings but also from global vision," says the Winning Team Couple - Vinay & Rashmi, who believe in thinking global and acting locally.

The process of designing a home/office or any space can never be a one sided affair. For the client it involves a lot of money, time and most importantly emotions. It is a dream for many and costs the entire savings in monetary terms. Along with the end result what is also vital is the entire process to achieve the goal. This journey can only be interesting and look achievable if the path is walked together , hand in hand by the both the client and the architect as a team. It does demand a lot of listening, understanding and patience form both the ends.

“Be original, get creative , and be that WINNING TEAM.”

In other words it can be put up as :

An architect puts the pencil to paper to make it in a 3-dimensional reality provided the client puts into words about their imagined spaces or their dreams.

An architect provides a bay window with upholstered seating provided the client communicates about “ The big window that he can sit and read

An architect fills in the colour provided a black and white sketch is provided by the client.

So, an architect will pick up the small signs and description the client gives them to create a space that makes them happy and the experience as desired.

So,when an architect and client sit down for discussion for the first time, it is important for that kick off meeting to accomplish specific tasks. But sometimes its shocking that many clients haven't made any decisions by the time the designing process begins with the architect. This only ends up in a chaotic design with no specific theme.

A client doesn't need to know all the answers to his questions otherwise, why bother an architect? And it is also true, incomplete knowledge and unnecessary interference also leads to a lot confusion.

This is where the factor “ TRUST” comes into picture.It is very important that both the client and the architect trust each other. Trust is the foundation of any relationship and in its absence all that exists is a series of transactions.A space is not merely a structure of brick and cement and of wood and plaster. It is beyond all this. Its more about the feeling and the vibes you experience, its about the satisfaction and happiness you discover.

And so , The client and an architect together is a WINNING TEAM.

Good luck!

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