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How to decor your home for this festival?

Keeping home clean and organized: Keeping the home clean and well organized is the first step towards making the house festive ready. Festivals are all about purity and religious mindfulness, so cleanliness is as much a part of any festive occasion as the spiritual quotient. Make sure your house is sparkling clean both from the outside and the inside.

Add a festive look ambiance: Festivity calls for celebration, happiness, and togetherness. Incorporating a festive ready look using flashlights and other festive nightlights to make your house attractive, serene, and festive ready all at the same time.

Add accents

Now is the time to go all out and indulge in that Victorian lamp or the hammered vase you have been eyeing all along. Set a little corner up with your prized accessories to pep up a dull room. Go for one or two big dramatic pieces rather than too many smaller ones scattered around.

Keep moisture away

The monsoons can dampen the wood, walls, and the upholstery if left unchecked. Pull your sofas, beds, wardrobes six inches from the wall to let them breathe. Let the sunlight in, open those windows, and allow the dampness to dry. Investing in a humidifier is a good idea to curb temperature and moisture in the house.

Fresh fragrances

Place scents and candle diffusers at various places in all the rooms. Nothing like going home to a fresh, clean fragrance. Allow the scented candles to burn for a bit for the fragrance to permeate. Flower power would weave magic into the festive decor, so a big urn of mogra and rose petals will swoon the senses.

Home decor from waste & Go green: It is a good idea to add a green ambiance around your home and its immediate surroundings making it attractive for visitors and guests. The use of lovely flowers and natural plants is advised compared to artificial plants. Using waste wisely and making home free from unused items must be ensured. If you are following the mantra of converting old waste into beautiful artifacts and decorative items, chances are that your friends and visitors would take inspiration from you and adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Make sure you have a recipe ready foods: It is a good idea to shop for some recipe ready instant foods that can be cooked in no time for guests. Such foods are high in taste, quick, and hassle-free to make, offering you time to spend with the guests rather than cooking for them in the kitchen.

Have an entertainment section for kids accompanied by guests: Guests often come with their small kids who find the special get together quite boring. Make sure you have a dedicated space where kids of all ages can relax and enjoy their time while their parents or elders accompanying them can share festive greetings with you.

Festivals are all about spirituality: Make sure your house is complete with appropriate spirituality quotient. You can use posters of various gods and goddesses in your house and decorate the temple area of your house according to the festival. Using pleasant agarbathis is also a great way to enhance the spiritual quotient of the house.

Welcoming guests with a smile: Welcoming guests with a smile and with the right ambiance is the most important thing to bring them a joyful experience of visiting you. No matter how bad your day has been, or how tired or frustrated you have been running out the whole day, make sure that you always welcome the guests with a wonderful smile and have a good ambiance at your home with music, lights, and fresh smell.

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