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Creating Playful Spaces

Play 2 Grow


Children Play Area


Abids, Hyderabad


March 2016

An indoor Children play area with a dedicated 17,000 Sqft play area in the heart of the city, Abids Hyderabad. Here we have considered all your needs and have an in-house toy store for the children.


The concept was very simple to make a place full of colours and life. So the spaces are designed and made to flow from a year old kid to a teenager kid at the end. Pathway and corridor are covered with cushioned wall covering. The staircase has round wooden rotating rails so that children have some fun while climbing the stairs.


The design of the space is oriented as the growth of a child, the child crawls, climbs and then learns to walk, thereby discovering jump and finally runs everywhere around. The gross motor skills are enhanced at the lower level which then escalates to a greater level when children interact with the Pottery, an age-old tradition and DIY circuit and thus the jackpot 7D Theatre and Virtual  Reality Games.


We realize that the key things we need to kind of scope are

1.Style – what is the style needed. For instance, luxury, modern, loft, contemporary, vintage, minimal, etc.

2. Mood – this defines the overall mood and tone. The color and the overall atmosphere you like. It can even be describing the kinda feeling you want or the kind of atmosphere you’re comfortable with.

3. Material (Board) – What sort of materials will you put in together. This is very important in order to keep the room harmonized.


And this is even more important than colors. Being able to change colors to some extent should be a must since in different seasons, might want to alter some tones. Different mix and match of colors can still keep good atmospheric harmony as long as materials are aligned.

This Place brings in a unique concept of the play area with many circuits of games – traditional form as well as electronic games. The activities in the Play2Grow area are like a feather to its cap for parents can bring their children to rejuvenate them during any time of the day. 


The team here has been well trained to attend our junior customers and create an amazing experience for the kids. In terms of entertainment as options for kids were quite limited to this area  and thereby it is the first one for kids & parents who are looking for recreational space and activities in the heart of the city.It is a guaranteed place to celebrate any occasion.

Creating happy Spaces ...

Positive Architecture & Interior Designing by VINAYANDRASHMI

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