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Creating Traditional Spaces

Farm House


1200 sft Farm House




Jan 2020

When walking through the various spaces of this farmhouse in India, one is introduced to a built representation of the different generations who have inhabited this site at various times. Designed by Rashmi Rathi and Vinay Rathi with their design team at VAR Architects, the farmhouse carries cultural significance for the younger generation and is a design sense to the previous generations inhabiting the place. The structure is a  traditional design with added modern elements.

"We decided to create a traditional house rather than a mere home composition, with the use of modern materials, old wood carvings, and geometric shapes in a diverse way, to symbolize strong cultural roots," explained Rashmi Rathi, co-founder and principal architect, VAR Architects.

The house is anchored by distinct courtyards with landscape and seatings as traditional Indian homes, with a touch of modernity. These courtyards have different designs — one is the ‘tulsi angan’ with a handpainted on the wall and a swing to enjoy sunny mornings, and the other performs the job of bringing the outdoors in, with a garden that extends into the backyard. 

The two courtyards sit primly on either side of a central entry pathway, accessed by a wooden carved main door with brass inlays. It’s this space that forms the family’s personal zone, which connects them to their ancestral style of living. 


"The living room extends in a linear fashion, with similarly elongated dining and open kitchen area attached to it, in a minimal and cozy setting," said Vinay Rathi, co-founder and principal architect, VAR Architects.

A soothing color palette envelops the home, seen in the hues on the walls, the flooring, upholstery, and furniture. A wooden gabled ceiling and Kota stone floor in the elongated living and dining room creates a perfect balance.

The home internal garden has the most striking design concept in the house. To create a one-of-a-kind experience, we as the architects broke away from the traditional design of the farmhouse and added wall art with the help of traditional paints. These act as sound absorbers and wood which continued onto the ceilings as well, giving the viewers a truly cinematic experience, along with recliners and beds for them to sit back and relax.

Traditional elements like hand-painted walls, carving on old doors, majestic columns, and Indian stone mingle well with stone natural flooring, to create a contemporary home with a hint of nostalgia for its residents.


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