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Creating Peaceful Spaces

Patel's Home






March 2017

“Home is where our story begins…” and the client needed a clutter-free home with optimum use of space & vibrant colorful interiors. The striving was to create lighter moods and thus the usage of whites in the flooring restricted to the earthy tones of beige and greys elsewhere.


A formal seating at the entrance divided by a Buddha depiction partition with a wooden laser cut and square wooden dining table with a bench gives a feeling of an enclosed but flowing space into the dining followed by the living and to the open balcony. The living and dining have been merged keeping the styling intact from material usage to colors.


The bedrooms are been kept simple as the room sizes were very optimal and a play of beige, wood & whites keeping again the white wall intact to give a visual feel of openness. Except for the master bedroom where the back was treated lavishly with an upholstered finish, with painting on back and wall texture create a slight interior design drama and make a style statement for the master room.


The parents are done with whites and a lot of photos of family background. The children's room is a place where a lot of colors and creative use of materials happened, giving a super outlook to it.


The kitchen is a simi opened with lacquered painted panels with white nano granite top. The pooja room is place in a corner so that it merges with the other spaces keeping its identity intact. The result is a monochromatic space with areas merged into but simultaneously segregated with the use of partitions and colours.

Creating happy Spaces ...

Positive Architecture & Interior Designing by VINAYANDRASHMI

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