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Local Natural stone with a bit of detail in granite spacers has added the value and easy to clean spaces. The main focus is on lights and furniture, keeping the walls almost simple and clean. Furniture is a combination of B & B, Reflex, Cattelan Italia, Rimadesio, ETC

Beauty is beyond what meets the eyes. It is a design motto at VINAY & RASHMI for making Minimalist homes. It stems from painstaking precision, developed by a thorough understanding of ergonomics and careful attention to the intricacies of design.

Balwda House ED-99.jpg

Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interior of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. As an interior designer we at VINAY & RASHMI plan, researches, coordinates, and manages projects. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, space planning, site inspections, programming, research, communicating with the stakeholders of a project, construction management, and execution of the design.


The entrance to the 2500 square-foot office space of the Edifice Group’s office in Hyderabad is technically a Computer CPU. At first, glance, what appears to be the innards of a computer motherboard, with its skeletal framework, is actually a computer chip structure that spans from the ceiling over the back wall of the reception and lobby areas. The Reception table is made with mutilpe old CPU as a base and glass on top " Its the reflection of what kind business the clients take up here " say VINAY & RASHMI


A true Architect and interior designer who has the right experience and knowledge of lighting can help you in the ambiance and depth of the space by creating a unique interior design for your home.

Color preferences are objective in nature when coming to decorating your home. Considering the right Lighting is required to enhance the color aspects of the living spaces. We always try experimenting with the lighting fixtures how it will affect the interior fabrics, paint as well as furniture.


We at VINAY & RASHMI as designers have taken the responsibility to enhance movement or create separate spaces with incredible ease. Homes are now more than spaces to simply relax; they have become places to entertain, to eat, drink and work. The use of consistent colors and textures to tie up various areas within a space helps give you fluidity. To create this sense of space and freedom, decor needs to be used intelligently.


We at VINAY & RASHMI have designed a simple home for a family of Two couples- son and father. The brief was given for a home that was cozy, timeless, simple yet elegant in an optimum budget.  We have followed a philosophy of using simple materials & a bright color palette. We have added color to the flat with upholstery, paintings & artifact. The living room & Drawing room is virtually divided with a small partition this has a shutter that opens into a Puja space. The illuminated top gives perfect for artifacts while the below space converts it into a Puja place.

We design and plan each space in such a way that we can place everything absolutely where it can and has to be.  Our Guru Mahatria Says " A place for everything and everything in its place ". We as designers at VINAY&RASHMI make every effort to follow this in our designs. A place for everything in order to have everything in its place, such true wisdom which has been implemented in our design thinking and process towards making each place a perfectly usable and user-friendly in every way possible. Thinking towards an organized world through design...

The project of the Year 

V&R Apt ED-2.jpg

One face of the house opened up to the entire city view. To achieve this all the walls were knocked off and glass was used extensively which formed the backdrop for the dining and living area.


Usage of natural stone in the flooring and backdrops for the bed to help achieve the warmth. The greens in the courtyard break the monotony of the browns used in the interiors. 


V&R Apt ED-48.jpg


We got our dream house! 

And this was only possible because we had Vinay & Rashmi Rathi as our professional Architects. 

We bought a 3BHK flat, and with some civil modifications suggested by Mr.Vinay, we were able to bring in much more space in each bedroom, an extra space which converted into a walk-in closet, an open look to the kitchen as well as the long elevated feel to our Main Drawing area. We had never imagined how much space this house can bring by making some modifications. We were reluctant at first but Mr.Vinay showed us a lot of scopes and explained how much of a difference it could bring to your daily life. He was persistent and gave us all the reasons and right information to bring such a change to make our lives easier and grand to live in.

The solutions provided are very practical and make daily life at ease.

From site meetings>> to each piece selection>>to discussion >>to ideating>> to execution of each idea>>is a tedious yet long journey, which requires a  lot of patience. Vinay & Rashmi both were very accommodating to our needs and if needed, they explained the thought multiple times to make sure everyone is convinced. We found that really helpful as quality, to build trust at each stage and be sure of the right companion we are building our home with. As a client, we were changing our minds quite often, but there was no resistance seen in reworking as per our needs.

This is our second home they have designed & executed. I can assure you, that the experience, quality, dedication, and process have only gotten smoother and better. They understood our requirements perfectly back then and even now & delivered better than what we expected. 

We highly recommend them, their work and service are exceptional.  

Thank you again Vinay & Rashmi for making our dream house come true.:)

Aditya & Payal Mundada

We wanted to renovate our flat and were looking for some expert advice. We consulted Vinay and Rashmi Architects & Interior Designers. After thoroughly sharing our needs & requirements, Rashmi gave us a couple of design & interior options. Rashmi was involved in every step of giving us choices and helping us in deciding. The best part about Vinay & Rashmi is their eye for detail and meeting the timelines apart from executing the whole project within the stipulated budget as agreed upon. Thanks, Vinay & Rashmi for designing and executing a beautiful home for our living. I can vouch, that anybody availing their expert services in the areas of architecture & interior designing would be thoroughly satisfied.

Narendra Linga Reddy

Home is not a place, its a feeling! And Yes, Vinay and Rashmi have had a big hand in creating this feeling for us. 

The patience with which they hear our concerns and address them until we are satisfied is really commendable. We kept changing our concepts, and they kept taking it as a new challenge every single time. They make sure that your imagination and vision turn into reality. Excellent craftsmanship and optimum utilization of space. Thank you for taking care of the minutest of details and help us make this small little world of ours.


Pawan Lakhotia

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MAY 2021

Eldrok India Architecture Summit 2021 - We have bagged an award for Outstanding Multi Disciplinary Firm helded at Novatel Conventions in August 2021
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We are proud to announce that we have won the awarded the Residential Category from  IIID HRC Awards 2019.



We are proud to announce that 2019 we have won the Residential  RunnerUp in TV5 Architectural & Interior Awards
Featured on TV and so many Votes /supporters helped us win.
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