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Creating Mesmerizing Spaces

Jhawar 1609


2800sft Apartment


Raindow Vistas


October 2019

Designing is the science of enhancing any space of a building to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people using the space. We at VINAY AND RASHMI as designers have taken the responsibility to enhance movement or create separate spaces with incredible ease. Homes are now more than spaces to simply relax; they have become places to entertain, to eat, drink, and work also. The use of consistent colors and textures to tie up various areas within a space helps give you fluidity. To create this sense of space and freedom, decor needs to be used intelligently.

Puja Mandir's background is black unfinished stone. The door is made from metal partition and the handles are in the shape of Nandi. The blue colored handles just stand out and give the space a very divine feel. Colour plays a huge role when it comes to encouraging movement, neutral shades always connect spaces while more vibrant hues tend to break them apart. When trying to create a fluid space, look at pastel shades and neutral colors for a sense of harmony. Colour has the ability to transform a space as nothing else can.


We have hand-picked furniture and artifacts collection which integrates the vibrant essence in our interiors while weaving in a medley of luxury, functionality, and art in this project. Beauty is beyond what meets the eyes and the motto we stand for making Minimalist homes. It stems from painstaking precision, developed by a thorough understanding of ergonomics and careful attention to the intricacies of design. Especially want to mention that the wallpaper used in one of the room is been designed specially by Artist Krishna Mehta. The colors used are bold and represent the energy required for the room.


From the Main door to every inch of the home is been given a designer touch. The spaces designed have definitions and each space is unique unlike the other. The master bedroom has a 4 side wooden cladding and is raised and been highlighted by all-round cove lights to define that space. We designed this house with some of the globally renowned luxury furniture brands from the world over. Our interiors seamlessly integrate the vibrant essence of our global brand partners, while weaving in a medley of luxury, modern furniture structure, and art.

Creating happy Spaces ...

Positive Architecture & Interior Designing by VINAYANDRASHMI

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